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Lits Brothers Bldg
Lits Brothers Building - Phila, PA
Winderco, Inc. was founded in 1962 by Joseph L. Kelly. Started as a Window erection company (Winderco).

Winderco, Inc., has evolved into a complete architectural metal, glass and glazing erector and supplier. Bidding public and private projects, worldwide.
Winderco, Inc., is currently owned and operated by Edward J. McCourt Sr.. Under Ed McCourts’ leadership Winderco has completed many varying types of projects, most notable (high rise & historic), Eight Penn Center, One Logan Square, Wanamakers Bldg. ( 13th & Market Sts.) Lits Bros. ( 8th & Market Sts.).

Winderco, Inc., has the capability to handle projects that range from $ 6,000.00 to $ 6,000,000.00. And a wide array of work scope, such as aluminum windows, steel windows, stainless steel windows, security windows, storefront, curtain wall, translucent panels, aluminum and FRP doors, entrances, security screens, window repairs, parts and service.
Wanamakers Bldg
Wanamakers Building
One Logan Square
One Logan Square
Winderco, Inc., is also a nationwide supplier of (the original) Lupton Mfg. window hardware and parts. With patented parts and products produced by Bronze Craft Mfg., royalties and rights are reserved by Winderco, Inc., and Mr. Edward J. McCourt Sr..

Entering it’s 50th year, Winderco, Inc., still has the same focus and vision as Mr. Kelly had when he first founded the company in 1962. To provide owners, developers and general contractors with quality products, workmanship, and completion of projects in a safe and timely manner.

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